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OBG 003: Critical Reviews and the Modern Board Game

On Board Games Season One Episode 003

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OBG Roundtable

Donald, Scott, and Erik discuss board game reviews and ratings.

  • Why Board Games with Scott is not a review
  • Knucklebones Review policy
  • BGG forum thread on ratings http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/1386022#1386022

Reviews should take the audience into account

  • Families playing games vs. Board Game Geeks
  • Children's game ratings kidgameratings.com
  • Designers

What elements could have impact on the review?

  • How do free games impact bias
  • Pre game expectations, possibly due to financial outlay
  • Graphics and components
  • Adherence to theme
  • Play group/play experience

Some things to consider when writing reviews:

  • Value for money
  • Replayability
  • Game vs. game experience
  • Consistency
  • Avoiding outlandish or untrue statements
  • Recognize your bias and try to control for it.

Review Resources

Online resources Magazines / Print resources

Games mentioned in the round table:

Stoplight Reviews


Scott and Donald discuss what we call games and why it matters.

  • Traditional American Board Games
  • Ameritrash
  • Eurogames
  • American Style Board Games
  • Designer Board Games
  • Modern Board Games


To Erik, Scott, and Connie for their contributions and assistance.

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