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OBG 25: Alex Yaeger Interview Giles interviews Alex Yaeger of Mayfair Games.
Also posted at http://gamesforeducators.com/
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OBG Music Contest Episode 1 Contest Episode where I share the contest entries. Visit the BGG guild to chat about them!


Submissions by
Johan  - 30ought6 on BGG
Dave - clockwirk on BGG
Dan -  Durak60 on BGG

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OBG 024: International Gamers Awards

Special Interview

Game Awards Scott, Donald and guest Greg Schlosser

Correspondent Segments

Games in Education - Giles discusses talks about the Games for Educators site. http://www.gamesforeducators.com/


  • Ghost Stories Preview from Repos Productions previewed by Donald & Scott 


  • Dungeonquest & Dungeonquest Catacombs, from Games Workshop reviewed by Scott
  • Imperial from Rio Grande Games reviewed by Erik

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